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Default Re: How to make Interchangeable Necklaces

Yes, I have since switched to gluing the magnet to the cap instead of the washer. That is probably a better way to do it - especially on the inside out (that's what I call them lol) washers. The magnet can be a tad smaller that the washer, that is fine. As long as it is a strong magnet (see rare earth magnet or neodium) then it will be fine. It can't be the magnets you get at Walmart for instance because they aren't strong enough to stand up to your customer moving around etc. The cap will fall off. Now, the bad thing about doing it my way versus ordering them is that you can't get many colors at Target and other places. Maybe you could die the tights yourself, not sure. That just seems like it would be a lot more work than necessary.

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