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Originally Posted by mommy0305 View Post
wow 21 inches is long! I do mine at 10 and 11 inches for our cheerleaders. Send a pic of it to the coach and see if they like it that way or would prefer them to be even. How are you making yours?
Do you all really think 21" is that long? It ends up being 10 1/2 " on each side of the pony o. I think around here that is common esp for hs cheer teams. She saw the ones I did at a show, she was doing her side job and ended up being right beside me and when we began talking I found out she was a cheer coach and the rest is history. I don't think she will mind if they are staggered a bit, I think it was just more in my mind that they should all be even. Its hard to tell from pics of the internet if other peoples cheer pony o's are all even or not. They now only wear a piece of ribbon tied in their hair so this will be a huge improvement overall.
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