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Originally Posted by BowHeadz View Post
I like the ribbon it's just a matter of who you're dealing with I think.
21 inches?? Holy cow! I do my streamers @ 12 inches, and I've had lots of people ask for them shorter! The town I live in seems to be way off from every other town! LoL

Yes its like the 3/8 pieces are 1" or so shorter than the 7/8 pieces. I just know once you begin cutting its so easy to ruin it. I think I will just leave them and be ok with I just didn't want them to not be "right" but in my mind I was thinking they will be in their hair, they will be bouncing up and down, and probably no one really cares but me. You know we are always harder on ourselves than anyone else. I did them 21" because she wanted them at least 20" and I gave myself an extra inch for sewing them.

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