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Default Cheer Pony O ?

Ok well I am working on some cheer pony o's and I am using 7/8 ribbon and some 3/8 ribbon. I cut them all 21" long and then began sewing them together but once I sewed them it seems as if the 3/8 ribbons are not as long as the 7/8 ribbons. So do I leave them or do I go and try to cut them all off even? I have taken them apart and re-sewen them a ton trying to get it perfect but I still don't think they are perfect. I don't have enough ribbon to mess any of them up and all of it is a special order ribbon (not anything I can buy locally) so I am so afraid to mess it I have made quite a few pony o's before but I have never used 10+ pieces in them because around here the girls seem to like them less full but for this cheer squad she wanted them quite full. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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