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Default Re: How long to bake korker ribbon???

Originally Posted by girlfrosting View Post
I know this may be a stupid comment .....but My Momma always said there aren't any stupid comments.... (you have to say that like Forrest)

Don't bake any bows that have been assembled with any glue. I know...duh...but I did it with some bow tie clippies and the glue remelted and ....well you know! I just wanted a better loop on the bow ties!!! I put a dowel piece through it and it would have worked...except for that glue.

Okay now you all think I'm an idiot...great!

I have read on here that several women spray the korkers before and after baking and some spray the korker ribbon with hairspray.

My husband gave me the BEST korker tip ever. He is a surgeon and he showed me how to tie a knot that cinches up the ribbon and does not loosen when you tie them! I'm glad he went to all those years of school to help me tie better korkers! LOL!

I use a slip knot too!!
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