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Default Re: YIKES! My first covered wipe case

I can't even count how many of these I have made. I don't use batting anymore, I use a layer of felt. It just seems to be much smoother than the batting. I use gimp trim on the edges also.
I get it on ebay really cheap. I cut the fabric till I got it to fit good then made a pattern to use out of cardstock. Makes it so much easier.
When I glue the gimp on I use one thin line of glue to hold it down then go back and put the tip of the glue gun under the edge and glue again.
The trick is to not use alot of glue, and if it does seep out do not try to wipe it off. Let it dry completely then pick it off, otherwise you have a smeared mess.
Thanks so much for sharing how to make them, that was really sweet of you
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