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Default Re: how to cover snap clips with grosgrain ribbon....?

so you put your ribbon on the clip snap it shut, then put your glue on the top on the clip, smooth your ribbon down, then flip it over and glue the little peice down, your back looks good i personally like the ribbon to be a little longer than you have it.

thanks so much for the kind words on my site! What size clips are you using? Mine are 30mm snap clips and once they are lined they dont slip out! I no bigger ones can and if they are bigger and you are trying to line with 5/8 ribbon that is really tough, bump down to 30mm snaps and line them with 3/8 ribbon.

i just went and looked you are using bigger ones with 5/8 ribbon those are even harder to get down i personally dont sell them, i use my 30mm for my babies and then i bump up to the 1 3/4 inch alligator with a no slip grip for the older girls,


Originally Posted by purplepandaprincess View Post
thank you Shanna!

do you put the glue on the ribbon or the clip? and how does mine look at the back? do you go all the way up with the ribbon? because i noticed on your site that you mentioned that there is no need for no-slip grip as they are naturally non slip. however mine just slip right out!

i had a look on your site - everything you make looks so beautiful - i love your photos!

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