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Default Re: Need Help with my bottlecaps!!!

Once the caps have been resined, you are stuck with the liner. If they are regular caps and nothing has been done to them then the best way to remove the liners is with a coffee pot burner (the thing the glass pot sits on). Turn your coffee pot on and put a few caps on there. I like to wait about 5 seconds before placing the next one. I do this in a circle until I have about 4 on the burner plate. As I take the first one off then I replace it with another. I work my way around the pot in a circular motion replacing each one as I move along. The caps will be hot so it's best to have a washcloth in one hand while you are removing the liners. To get the liner out, use a small screwdriver and it should just pop out. If you leave the cap on the burner to long then it will start to melt into a gooey mess.

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