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Default Re: Need Help Covering 6 foot table

Thank you ladies so much for the great advice. I actually decided to go with a tad bit smaller table that I had around here. I am SO excited. My new color scheme is zebra, lime, aqua, pink etc. I went to Walmart and bought a black twin size sheet which fits my table perfectly. I then bought some zebra material to lay as a table runner. My friend who does the show with me, bought us some hot pink feather boas to put around the edge of our table. I can't hardly wait to get it all set up.

To top off the whole booth, we are putting turquoise garland around the whole top of our gridwall set up (all 30 feet). To that we are attaching funky christmas flowers, glittery leaves, christmas balls etc all in hot pink, lime, silver and aqua. I think it will turn out really nice. I can hardly wait. Finally things are coming together nicely. Now, hubby thinks I'm retarded but I told him all I needed was a 10x10 either black rug or zebra print rug to lay on the floor. He's like babe that's a little overboard. I said well a girl can dream can't she. I have a top of the line carpet shampooer so it couldn't be all that bad shampooing it what maybe 15 times a year since I wouldn't be able to use it at my shows that are on grass. Anyways just a dream. I am so far over budget that it definately won't be happening this show.

Thanks again ladies for the great advice!

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