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Default Re: How I Cut & Heat Seal in 1 Step

Originally Posted by princessfancypants View Post
I do mine on a baking sheet My woodburner is MIA right now though! I have a back up that is lost as well rofl! I used to use the glass, but i was always afraid that it would get broken, as my little helpers tend to drop things! haha great pics
I know what you mean about the little helpers. Everytime my granddaughters come over I guard my dining room table like a soccer goalie. Something always seems to disappear, though! The pics, though....that's a whole story in itself. I must have redone everything 5 times. Sad part is my DH just got laid off from a division of Kodak, where he worked in IT. He sat right next to me and 'helped' me. I'm beginning to understand the laid off part! Just kidding! Maybe.....

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