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Default Re: How I Cut & Heat Seal in 1 Step

Originally Posted by njzmom View Post
do you use a piece of glass as a ruler? never thought of that!
If...and that's a big IF, I'd done it right, the text would have come through. I'm about ready to jump out of our bedroom window after doing the photobucket thing (don't get too nervous, we only live in a ranch style house!) I actually wrote on the bottom of the top layer of glass with a sharpie the 1/2" increments. I did this after trial and error...the first 60 or so clippies I did with the writing on the top of the glass. Learn from my mistakes...sharpies do wear off after repeating rubbing, as in ribbon sliding back and forth. Apparently the only thing sharpies are definitely indelible on are walls, kids hands and ribbon. Anyway, the whole cutting and heat sealing in 1 step works well for me....just not posting the pics for it!

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