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Default Re: Found circle fabric cutter!!!

I would think felt, unless it was wool, would dull the blade. It is similar to fleece and that is a plastic base material. If you sew or cut fleece, do not use your reg fabric or ribbon scissors, they will soon be dull and useless until sharpened. I found this out the hard way when I made a fleece jacket for a baby shower gift. You may have a dull blade in the rotary vutter. Change the blade an if it still happens, return it for a new one

Originally Posted by unbrokendreamz View Post
yes its the olfa! it was 27.00 at joanns and got it onsale for 12.00 this morning i tried to cut some felt circles and it cut like half the circle and not the other half ugh. so i dunno what i did wrong i practiced alot and still not getting it. im gonna try on organza later, thats really why i got it.
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