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Default Re: SWEET DEAL on a photo tent!!!!

Originally Posted by julia44 View Post
hahaha I wonder if it is the "professional set" I have. I hate it too. Will you take pics of your setup. There are a few tutorials out there. I was just curious which way you did yours.
Here is the tutorial I used to make my light box: I found it about two years ago to take pics of my jewelry. It's pretty snazzy. You can also make it smaller by cutting your boards in half. I left my camera at church, but I'll take a pic of mine for you when I get my camera back tonight.

Originally Posted by lilredsmiles View Post

What kind of lighting are you using? Are you photoshopping afterwards?
I use the nvision EcoSmart daylight light bulbs from Home Depot: Home Depot was the only place I could find them here. I use to edit. It's free and pretty easy.
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