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Default Re: I'm venturing into photography!!! so excited to share my first lil session!

Ok I am getting a nikon 5000 or something my husband has been researching like crazy, I am a photographer at heart, and I want to take great pics of my bows too. With that being said my BFF is a professional photographer as well. So she always asks me to look at her stuff, I am going to do that here. Your work for just having your camera for a week is great. I would suggest getting an editing program. Also make sure there are no distractions. It is number one that all focus go to the center of the object your trying to focus on, in two the fabric is needing to be ironed, nwo I am sure you know this. My friend also bought fake wood flooring. She is an on site photographer so she brings it. Also poster board on rolls she uses too, that way it is already to go and you won't have to worry about ironing. You would just unroll it. If you can try to get a light reflecter for the floors, in one picture there is a light spot on the floor. Your natural talent so far is amazing. I think you could really take this far. The things I point out are just details. But these details are what will save you if you one day go full blown with this, it is these things moms notice in their newborns pictures. I say play play play, the more you play the better you get. Also getting a portfolio together would be great too. Offer free sessions to build up a book. Try to do the next best thing, take your poses one step farther, that really gets people too, "oh I never thought of that" kind of thinking. SO I hope something in all of that helped. Again, great job, and great model.

PS I went straight from reading your post to writing you with out seeing what everyone wrote. Sorry about mentioning what others already said. Also my friend got a bean bag with works great with babies.

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