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Default Re: I have a business dilema ... need help!

I have been selling wholesale for 7 years now. True wholesale is where you set the terms and pricing and the buyer can mark up the price to whatever they want. Their pricing should not be dependent on what you think they can sell it for. I have customers all the time ask me what to sell the bows for and I tell them they need to see what they will sell for in their area. For example, our most popular boutique baby bows are $1.25 each. Some shops simply double the price and sell for $2.50 and others sell for $6 each because they can. Customers who buy wholesale from you need to be minimally able to double the price they paid for the product to sell it and make a profit. Our single layer, 4 inch twisted boutique bows made from 1 1/2 inch grosgrain sell for $2.25 no matter who buys them and how much they sell them for. I hope this helps in future meetings.
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