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Default Re: SWEET DEAL on a photo tent!!!!

Originally Posted by Kidorablebows View Post
I just have to say all you ladies crack me up with your replies about the hubbies! LOL

Ohhh yeahhh well crack up harder....DH is a photography Director he makes Tv commercials and his business is a cinema equipment (professional lights cinema cameras and stuff) rental hes has a huge cinema studio that he rents I am talking two huge trucks fit there (made a commercial last week of the new dodge ram and there where two)
and guess where I take pics ? in my backyard
with what lights? the sun
who takes them? me
with what camera? old digital non professional mom camera
So yeahhh that is a joke I am not buying this...since I am waiting for ribbon invoice and I think I am done shopping for a while...have to save this week to get the tree...but sooner or later will have to get one and he should buy it from remorse LOL
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