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Default Re: Hairparts pony-o's-anyone else had problems with them?

When you sew the pony o...are you sewing through the pony? If you are, you are weakening it. You need to put a dot of glue, add the streamers and then wrap the thread around it. tie it off, put another dot of glue and then add your center ribbon.


Originally Posted by Pabloswhim View Post
I generally LOVE the quality of hairparts stuff--the alligator clips and plastic headbands are far superior to the other ones out there. With that in mind I added pony-o's to my last order.

Every single one snaps as soon as I try and stretch it. (not a percentage...EVERY ONE!!!!!!) I'm not being rough with them. I'm not even stretching them 50%--they snap before I can even get my second finger in there to try and make a pony-tail.

BTW..and thank goodness I tried them before attaching product to them and selling them. I would have been mortified!!!

Anyone else having a problem???
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