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Default Re: finger cramps....

Originally Posted by khofkamp View Post
I think your headband looks cute, but if you followed the hair hardware tut. I think you veared off in a wrong direction and came up with your own unique pattern!

You are supposed to work around the headband as you weave, not just on the top- does that make sense?

If you still cant get the weave down from the hair hardware directions I bought some from nobownogo and they were wonderful. She starts her weave a little different and it confused me so I still start mine the same as the hair hardware video shows, but her weaves and patterns are amazing and very easy to follow!

LOL I think you're right, now that I look back at the tutorial! I was so excited that I got it to look right on the top, I just went with it! Time to go make another one, although mine does seem one of a kind, doesn't it? Thanks for your help, I will look into the nobownogo as well. I have another tut from her that was very helpful.
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