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Default Re: I have a business dilema ... need help!

Originally Posted by idahomommyof4 View Post
I'm glad you stuck to your guns! It's not fair at all for her to be making all the money on it when you are the one doing all the work. From what I have read on here, you were being very fair to her on pricing. You DO have to pay yourself enough to make it worth your time! Good luck!
Thanks, I thought about giving them to her at 30%, but them I'd have to do that for any other retail store I may get. I saw on her window today that she's celebrating 26 years so it would have be nice to be in a well established store, but that's okay. I'd rather not feel like I was working like a dog to make someone more money than me. I think that's what part of my business degree was for? I'm still paying for that. I'm here is she ever changed her mind or wants some of my seasonal items. She didn't really have sculptures so perhaps she will think of that. I actually charge less for those, but boutique bows can be a pain sometimes. Thanks you all for your help and support. I really need someone to help me sort through the 500 thoughts that go with these deals.
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