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Default Re: I have a business dilema ... need help!

Originally Posted by ydelaney View Post
I'm sorry your meeting didn't go well! I think you should start ordering your ribbon online instead of walmart if you want to make a bigger profit. I sell my bows to 4 boutiques here in Charlotte. 2 of them are consignment so I get 50% of their retail prices. They sell my bows for a lot more than I do so I actually get paid the same as I charge or more. I get a check every month from both shops. For the other 2 shops they buy everything upfront so I sell for half price. I sell a 4 inch bow on mynsite for $4 and I sell it to the 2 shops for $2.00. I only spend about .25 to make each bow so to me it is worth it. They also buy at least $300 worth at a time. I don't put anything on cards. I started out hanging everything on ribbon strips and now I just take bows and they hang them. Maybe you could tell her that you could give her a better price but she would have to provide the cards to hang them or hang the on ribbon strips. If she doesn't go for it then that's her loss.
Thanks, I do not normally get ribbon from wal-mart. I just went and got the satin because she wanted samples asap, and I did not have satin. If I sold them to her at $2.50, she'd make $4.50 off of them and I'd make about $2., maybe a few cents more. I don't think that it's fair for me to do all the work and someone else make more than double my profit. We didn't really get into details, but I would have advertised her store on my website and she could have put them on my cards or her own. I also wouldn't mind having her business cards at my booth, at a craft show. There were other details that could have made my offer more attractive, but we didn't sit down and talk. I got a couple minutes her and a couple minutes there. I will just have to keep trying other places and maybe get a sit down meeting so we can go through everything.
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