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Default Re: I have a business dilema ... need help!

Well, I brought in my samples today. Everything went so fast at the first meeting, I honestly didn't remember what size the center ribbon in her bow was and I guessed wrong and used wider ribbon, but no biggy. That's easy to change. I did check and she has the same bow for $6 and I was basing my discount on a price of $5 so I told her that I'd do the first dozen for the $2.50 she wanted, but after that it would be at a 20% discount from my website prices. She said she can't pay $4 per bow. I said ok, you saw my other work too so let me know if anything changes or you want something else in the furture. I feel that I was very generous and if I bend for her, I will have to follow suit with all others. I was very patient in waiting for her to help customers and find time to talk for a few minutes with me. I was pretty disappointed. I hope I can find a store nearby to get into. This lady already had tons of bows and is probably just looking to make a bigger profit on them. I am doing all the production work and would even put them on my own cards so she would only have to display them , and wants me to sell them to her at 50% off. I'd be working my butt off for very little profit so I guess I will just keep looking. Does anyone have tips on how to find info on craft shows in your area, without paying for it? I think a show would help me a lot, but I want one with a low table fee for my first one. Thanks for helping. Well, at least I have a hat order to fill. That makes me feel a little better.
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