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Default Re: Cricut Expression!

Originally Posted by julia44 View Post
What's the best way to do the felt

I had the pazzles before this which was nice. But when I stopped scrapbooking I sold it. Then I got into cardmaking and got the cricut expression. Then I sold it. Then I saw the black cricut and wanted it because it matches my office stuff. Can't believe my husband went for it because I just ordered an embroidery machine on Weds.

My husband isn't going to be able to find me I'll be playing for days!
Haha, my husband won't be able to find me for awhile either! And that is SO awesome that yours went for you getting another machine! You just can't turn down the $188 deal.

For the felt, there are a couple options that I found. I tried 2 of them.

The first one is using stiffened felt (it's the $0.79 kind for a 9 x 12 sheet). It sticks to the mat really well & I had no problems cutting with it. I did hold the top of the felt down when the first few cuts were made, just to make sure it didn't slip when it started cutting. Then it was fine on it's own.

The second way I tried was using painters tape (or masking tape) on the back of the felt. It stiffens it up just enough & lets it stick to the cutting mat MUCH easier. Plus it's easy clean up!

The third way, that I haven't done but read on a tutorial somewhere was using starch to stiffen the felt then doing the same thing as using the already stiffened felt.

I tried a few different setting with the pressure, speed, & all that. Oh - I used a deep cutting blade for the felt. I also tried some with multi cut & some without. I think it comes out cleaner with multi cut.

Sorry that got so long, I hope it helps!
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