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Default Re: Starch Issue

I recently started using starch on almost every bow. Before, it was just for korkers or stacked bows.
I have however been using Sta Flo for YEARS! 1st when my dh was in the Army, and since then for my pinatas. That stuff can make clothes stand up on end! I know from experience that (at least this brand) does not get heavy with age. I've been "recycling" my old pinatas from years past(1/2 in hopes it will bring better luck to LSU). They have layers upon layers of Sta Flo soaked paper to make the base, and the pinatas from 2 years ago are still perfectly firm! And these came out of our attic which has no ventilation, so they have been exposed to extreme heat, cold, and humidity(from Louisiana).
So I for one can say that the limp life in the other bows are more than likely not from old starch. Its more than likely what the other poster said, inferior ribbon or she can't make them right.

My question to you is what ribbon do you use for your bows? I WANT WHAT YOU HAVE!!
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