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Default Re: I have a business dilema ... need help!

Are you all just itching to know? ... It went better than I thought, but a bit unorganized. I got there and she was talking to a lady at the counter, but told me to put my stuff up there. We talked about the bows, she said Christmas is really about done for her, but she liked some of my Christmas thing and said the headbands were nice, but what she may be interested in right now would be grosgrain and satin twisted or boutique type bows, in red and white. She wants them for $2- 2.50. I did not check her price on the one she showed me that she wants them to look like. Does that sound reasonable. Since I have to do this right now, I have to get my satin ribbon at Wal-mart for .37/yard and I have tons of clips so that's not a problem. These bows are going to be made with 7/8" ribbon and will be just one single bow. She wants a sample, then if she likes them would order a dozen. I was kind of thinking that she is shooting kind of low on the price. She wants 4-5" bows, and most people sell them for $5-6, and I've seen them even for $10. 20% off $5 is 4. I would like to get this order and I told her I would bring the samples on Friday, and that I may be able to do $2.50. I haven't done ones that look exactly like hers, but I just have to tweak mine a little. I have to make my loops bigger and tails longer. I'm afraid if I tell her $3.50 she'll say no, but that would be 30% off $5, which I have a feeling she may be selling hers for more especially with being the only children's boutique in town. I hate to seem greedy, but that sound really fair to me, that would be for grosgrain and probably $4 for these in satin. Some more opinions would be great. She was nice, but I only got 15 minutes of her time, then customers came in and she took a phone call during our meeting. It was very brief, I spent more time looking at ribbon afterwards. Thanks again, Bonnie
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