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Default Re: I have a business dilema ... need help!

Originally Posted by njzmom View Post
you can also offer a line that is only made for her store.

you need to be able to operate under your own name too. that is some crazy non-compete clause she has made up!!

maybe you can offer special ribbon, or a type of bow exclusive to her.
That is what I was going to suggest. I have heard of stores wanting exclusive rights before..."you can't sell any where within a 100 mile radius or online", "you can't sell the same item to anyone else" etc. I would never agree to that. I would offer her an exclusive item or bow...something made just for her store (maybe a certain ribbon) with a label stating "made exclusively for so and so". I would let her know if she would like to carry any of you other items she may but you have full control of those items and may sell them to any one, any where, including your website and craft shows.

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