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Default Re: Fav Cricut cartridge??

This is just my opinion but if you have small children by the time they will need the cricut to do school projects, I'm sure they will be a newer version in the market. My son is in 4th grade and so far he's not doing any projects at all. The cricut will be great to do flashcards but you can buy them at Walmart for $.89 cents.

I saw the BF adds so I'm sure I'll be getting one. Walmart expression $188 comes with 2 cartridges and the other ones are 30 all day friday. Joanns are 28.88 and Michaels are 60% so 27.99-35.99. I didn't see the expression on sale in any of these two adds. But they have the original $74.88 at Joanns and 97.99 at Michaels.
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