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Default Re: I have a business dilema ... need help!

woooow. That's totally insane!!! You wouldn't be working for her, you would be selling to her. This would be a business/client, type relationship not a boss/employee relationship.

I know she must want to have an edge and carry something special to her store, but like someone pointed out - she's not Walmart.

This is something you worked hard to do and you should be free to make money any way you can!!

One store I sold to I put my logo on the cards, but NO contact info. I guess they could google me and find my website, but the type of people that shop there and spend the amount of money they charge for basic bows would probably rather just go down the street and shop in person.

Another store just hangs all the bows from ribbon hangers. BUT this store owner is so nice to actually help me out with my business. For instance, there was a local fire department fund raiser. Well she got me the info to donate items and encouraged me to add my business card. At first I didn't want to becasue I didn't want to ake business away from her, but she told me that I should do whatever helps me make money.

Another one actually buys her own bow cards with the STORE name on it and so there is no way for them to figure out who made them.

So I definitely don't think you should go for that kind of deal.... see if she is willing to do the whole store name card or something like that...

Another thing I don't get is it would also help gain business for the stores if you do craft shows. At my last one I told everyone what stores my products were carried in so they could gain better access to them that way. I was going to hand out business cards as well, but I forgot to ask. You could always offer that option ... if you do craft shows you can hand out both yours AND her business card.

Hopefully all goes well for you today. It's a great opportunity, but the details need to be worked out a little better!!

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