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Default Re: Fav Cricut cartridge??

I am a member of the cricut MB no cricut does not cut felt. WM will have exclusive cricut colored expressions on BF for $188. includes 2 carts I believe. The other cart will be $30 each. Michael's is open Thanksgiving and is supposed to have carts on sale the Expression I am not sure will be on sale. The expression is the best cricut to get. You still need a cart to use SCAL. Just to make it work. SCAL is not made by the same cmpy and if something happens to your machine and you use SCAL it voids your warranty My FAV carts are paperdoll dress up and everyday paperdolls but there are about 20 new ones that just came out there are about 120 carts total some are exclusives only. There is a program called design studio similar to SCAL but made by cricut (PROVO CRAFT) however it only works with carts you have. J's will have a sale as well but it is for SAT only. Biglots is supposed to have the small cricut and carts but nothing special. Hope this helps
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