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Default Re: I have a business dilema ... need help!

Here's my plan for tomorrow. I already have several bows in a brief case, with one on a card, just for an example. First I think we should discuss if she would want something like these in her store. Then we can decide how many, style, ... and I would like to sell them out right at a discount, but would try consignment for the first month or two to see how sales are. She can choose a few or we can come up with a custom line for her store, but everything else will be available through my website or to others that may want to carry them in their store, or whatever I feel like doing with my product. I think that sounds very reasonable and I just have to stick by it or walk away ( which will be tough for me). I sound younger on the phone so perhaps she thinks I may be young and nieve (sp?) and can get my products really cheap or run out her competition. My boss exaggerates, but says I sound like a 5 year old. Nice huh? I hope not, that may make it hard to get customers. Well, that is what I am going to do. Wish me luck, I will let you know what happens tomorrow.
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