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Default Re: ISO Seller or Instructions for Ballet Shoe layered ribbon clippies

Ok. I am going to try this again. I uploaded my pic to Photobucket, hopefully it will work.

For each of the slippers I used 2 in, 2 1/4in, 2 3/4in strips of light pink 3/8 grosgrain -- and also a 1/4 little strip to cover the backs
for the laces I used 4 strips (2 for each slipper) of 1/8in white satin ribbon cut to about 3/4 in each
for the mini bow I used about 3 in of white 3/8 grosgrain and covered the center with a tiny piece of 1/8 satin (about 1/4in?)

heat seal!!!

first, I looped the 2in strip, with a little line of hot glue at the top, and pressed it.
I glued one side of the 2 1/4 strips to the loop I just made, looped it around to the other side and glued the other side.
I repeated the above step with the 2 3/4 strip as well.
then, I took one of the 1/4 in pieces and glued it over the pressed end of the "slipper" to cover all the ribbon ends and glue -- ( I wanted to make it look clean)

then, to make the laces I glued each of the satin strips seperately...the first I glued on the outside of the slipper, just about where the shortest loop ended -- I crossed the other end over at an angle, and glued it to the other side, about where the 2nd loop ended -- with the other "lace" I crossed it over the first lace and glued it so that the ends matched up with the first -- like an X

to make the mini bow I took my 3 in of white, and crossed the tails to make a small loop. I used a double prong alligator clip to hold it while I tied the loop off to make the bow. ( I think there is a tut on this site for making the mini bow with a small template you can make from a bit of cardboard, or credit card!) then covered the thread with the satin strip
I then cut the tails to the V shape and heat sealed

to put it all together, I glued the slippers together at the top just under where the small strips that I used to cover the ends stopped, and pinched it a little. then, I glued my mini bow on top of the pinched end of the slippers and then glued the whole thing to a white lined alligator clip!!

Hope this helps, Ladies!

GRRR!!! I posted, and had to edit BC my picture was not showing up????
here is the link to the pic of mine on Photobucket
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