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Default Re: I have a business dilema ... need help!

Originally Posted by flintb View Post
I do not know what her sales volume is, but she is the only boutique/specialty store in our city. (We are large enough to be classified as a city and are a suburb of Chicago.) There is a children's boutique in the next town, and a upscale resale shop, that sells these items used. I think perhaps, I could do bows and headbands to match our cities school colors and things like that. It would give her some good inventory and I could keep my other lines, website, and I was hoping to do a craft show next year. I am not a stay at home mom, due to the economy, but am still working on it. I am hoping that if I can get a couple accounts like this, that I could be or even just work part time or weekends only. The store has been there for awhile, at least 4 years. I actually thought of doing a college internship there, but I couldn't do part time. I have talked to her before, but I do not think she knows that. She does a lot of custom clothing so I think this would be good for both of us. She could get custom accessories for her clothing and I could get the account. I hope she will negotiate with me and not stick to only what she wants. After thinking about this and everyone's help. I don't think it's fair to ask me to basically close my store, it's only online, and only sell to her. I've done a lot to market myself too and if I only sold to her, no one would know it was my work. If I do get six figures out of it, I'm all over that! Yeah right! Lol!
Is she a new store?
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