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Default Re: Removing Fabritac?

Originally Posted by Kimm57 View Post
Tonya, what do you use to glue your bows?
I've only ever used hot glue on them. I've been really persistant in teaching all the kids not to cross the imaginary line that divides my craft area from the rest of the house so they don't get into my pins/scissors/hot stuff. I also made it a habit to always set it back in its spot at the back of my work space keeps to keep from bumping against it and accidentally burning myself.

Everything else takes longer to dry or is no where close to being non-toxic which I won't use on anything I make for children.

It's probably why I end up having to get creative when finding good ways to attach things so that they won't come off. When I cross anything toxic or long drying off the list, there aren't a lot of options left.
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