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Default Re: I have a business dilema ... need help!

Originally Posted by Xtralinda View Post
I can understand why the boutique owner wants to be the only one selling the bows, she doesn't want any competition and mostly if there is a small town and the stores are close by. But she doesn't have the right to get involved in your other business like website, craft shows and so on.
Maybe you can set a trial period and see what happens, ask about her sales. Are you familiar with the store?
Whatever you decided, good luck, and keep us posted.
I do not know what her sales volume is, but she is the only boutique/specialty store in our city. (We are large enough to be classified as a city and are a suburb of Chicago.) There is a children's boutique in the next town, and a upscale resale shop, that sells these items used. I think perhaps, I could do bows and headbands to match our cities school colors and things like that. It would give her some good inventory and I could keep my other lines, website, and I was hoping to do a craft show next year. I am not a stay at home mom, due to the economy, but am still working on it. I am hoping that if I can get a couple accounts like this, that I could be or even just work part time or weekends only. The store has been there for awhile, at least 4 years. I actually thought of doing a college internship there, but I couldn't do part time. I have talked to her before, but I do not think she knows that. She does a lot of custom clothing so I think this would be good for both of us. She could get custom accessories for her clothing and I could get the account. I hope she will negotiate with me and not stick to only what she wants. After thinking about this and everyone's help. I don't think it's fair to ask me to basically close my store, it's only online, and only sell to her. I've done a lot to market myself too and if I only sold to her, no one would know it was my work. If I do get six figures out of it, I'm all over that! Yeah right! Lol!
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