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Default Re: I have a business dilema ... need help!

Originally Posted by flintb View Post
LOL. thanks, I needed a laugh. Everyone in my house is sick (husband and two daughters) except me and I've been going crazy taking care of them and my business stuff. It was also a relief to hear from the people that sell to two or more stores in the same or neighboring towns. I originally thought of discounting my items to her, then she could sell them at whatever price she wants. I'm not sure for my first store, that I would want to do consignment. It seem like a lot of work to me. I haven't done anything like that so I'm not sure how it works. Man, was it this hard for everyone else?!
It is hard, I dropped a store b.c the owner was a control freak and she brought me about $200 a month, it wasnt worth it for me!!! Seriously, most of us dont do this for a huge profit, we are at home moms ad want to have the flexibility we need to be moms and wives and friends, I dont see how anyone who does not have a HUGE amt of money to offer you as an income can ask that of you. Like I said, the exclusive contracts that those more famous than us have are HIGH DOLLAR deals with lots of lawyery type language
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