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Default Re: I have a business dilema ... need help!

Originally Posted by Pinkster View Post
This is a great idea!
I agree. I am going to have the meeting and perhaps we can make some sort of deal. I like the idea of having some products exclusive to her store. She makes clothes so maybe I can make bows to match them, for her. I did work really hard on my website and have a display at one business, and my cards in another and all that would go away. It did make me a little depressed to think about. I would love to have my products in a store to have residual income, but that is really limiting. I did see her point that when she bought from a local artist before that people bought for less directly from the artist, and not from her so it did not work out. It sounds like this could be a long meeting. We will have to negotiate something because I like helping people to and am trying to offer my hats on here and I know crocheting and knitting can be hard for some people, but I am good at it. I would not be able to do that either. I think what I will do is bring many sample and say that I would like to sell at other stores or to cheerleading groups, and on my website in the area also so if she accepts that great, and if not perhaps she could choose a couple designs that I will pull from my site and not offer to others, that will be exclusive to her store. She could have the exclusives, and some others because some people may pay a little more at her store to not have tgo make another trip. That sounds very reasonable, doesn't it? The meeting is Wednesday evening. I will let you know. Thank you for your help and ideas. I'm getting really nervous.
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