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Default I have a business dilema ... need help!

There really isn't a good category to put this in, in the ribbons and bows sections so I hope some people will be able to help me. Here's the situation I just got into. I was not expecting this, but I suppose I should have thought about it. I am meeting with a store this week about carrying my bows, but she would want me to sell only to her. I would not be able to sell through my website anymore. I don't think I would be able to ever do a craft show or sell to any other organizations. I'm not in any stores yet, and there are very few in the area, about 3, and 4-5 cheerleading teams. I called one other store and left a message for the owner. Now, I do not know what to do. If she were to keep a large stock in her store and if she has a lot of customers, this could be really good, but on the other hand I have no other way to promote my business or products. I just don't know what to do, I've been really wanting to get into a boutique. It would also mean that I could not offer any of my hats or anything through here either, which I haven't had any sales yet, but several interested and some waiting until January. I just need to talk to someone about this. Please help me decide what to do. I am still going to have the meeting, but I don't know if I should say "well, I would love to sell my products in your store, but I am not willing to close my store to do that." I'm really looking to be able to stay home with my girls so if she could replace my income by doing this, maybe I should just do that. What do you ladies do that sell in stores? Do you sell to a few in the same and surrounding towns/cities you live in? Has anyone put restrictions on you? Help me. TIA
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