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Default Re: Removing Fabritac?

Originally Posted by kaileyscott View Post
Not to change thought of this thread- but can someone tell me about Fabritac? I hear a lot of people who use it..... I just use E-6000. I want to get a glue gun but the idea of "hot" glue gun scares me. I am not good with tools.
I don't find that the fabritac holds as strongly as the E6000, but I find that it works fine for fabric to fabric gluing. I use the E6000 for gluing plastic embellishments or buttons to fabric.

To me, the fabritac is easier to work with because you don't have the fumes and the clean up you have with the E6000. I can glue something and then cut through it with my wood burner, and even then there aren't many fumes. Unlike hot glue, it does take a few seconds of holding to dry, but I have perfected using alligator clips for this. When I first started using the fabritac, I just used a pin to punch holes in the top of the bottle- instead of clipping the tip. This made it come out really slow and made it very difficult to squeeze. However, I have now cut the tip and have a hard time keeping it from pouring out. Next time I will try to find a happy medium.

I have a question for you about the E6000, do you clean you tip in acetone each time you use it?
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