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Default Re: help heat sealing ribbons

Originally Posted by Diane Crafts View Post
I think I need to try the woodburner. I've been making the woven headbands for a few years using a lighter to seal the edges of the ribbon. This year for some reason at least twice when a little girl has tried on a headband (or a mother has tried on on them) they have made the most hobbible face and said they were "scratchy" so of course "no sale", which I don't blame them for. When I checked the headband after they left both had a stiff, point that was indeed scratchy. I sure would not want my child wearing that, even though the mother did not look to see what was "sratchy" they just said ohhh ok and put it back. I pulled them off the display and checked the others. There were a few others like that were pretty boarder line. Now why this year they were different from the past I have no clue, but maybe I held the lighter to close to the ribbon or something. I always check the ribbon once I seal it and they all seemed fine right after I sealed them. I'm trying the woodburner for sure though. I love making the headbands.
How do you finish off your HBs? I posted a tutorial on how I finish mine, and there are no raw ends anywhere --

I use a woodburner to cut and seal in one step. I just started using that and it's the greatest thing ever. SO quick. I personally don't like using a candle, because you can get black soot marks on the ribbon pretty easily if you get it too close or the flame flickers unexpectedly.
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