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Default No Sew please :)

I bought the tulle in the 6" rolls...I want a very fluffy and full tutu so my question is...

Is it just the amount of tulle you use that makes it that way or is a special technique with how you tie it on, flipping it so the waist band is in the middle of the 2 tulle sections...or something else I clearly know nothing about?

Also, so I am assuming this so please correct me before I make a mistake if I am wrong

I plan on weaving the ribbon around the top so I was just going to sew it to the elastic where the seam is (in the back) tie one of the slip knots over it and go in out from that point until I get to the front where I hope and pray it is even and tie in a pretty bow.

Does anyone line their tutu's...just wondering because dd is only 7mo and don't want her lil legs scratched up.

Thanks for the help Jaime
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