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Default Re: Desperately need ideas for show other than bows

They are so easy You just need glass tiles, 3d Crystal Laquer, your choice of bail, e6000 glue & your choice of necklace (ribbon, cord, etc.). Take the 3d crystal lacquer and spread a layer of it on the textured side of the glass tile. Take your glass tile and place it (laquer-side down) on your choice of scrapbook paper, chiyogami (origami) paper, or even fabric. I have a friend who gets teeny tiny dried flowers and uses them too and they are really pretty. At this point, push down firmly (on like a self-healing cutting mat) to get all the air bubbles out. Keep the glass tile on the shole piece of paper or fabric it's on. Flip it right side up (then the glue soaks thru the paper or fabric a little & is more exposed to the air & dries a little faster). Let dry completely. When it's dry, flip over so you can see your paper/fabric through the tile, place on a self-healing cutting mat and using an exacto knife, cut at about a 45 degree angle & cut the paper off. If there's extra dried laquer on the side of the glass tile, you can use the exacto knife to scrape it off easily. Apply another thin layer (completely & over the edges of your fabric/paper) of 3d laquer. Let dry completely. Then use your e6000 glue and apply a little to your bail (aanraku-style works best). Attach your bail to the BACK of your glass tile. Allow to dry completely. Thread through your necklace of choice and you are done. Word of advice, before you go pick out paper or fabric to do this, make sure you take a tile along with you so you can be sure your image fits in it just right. I use the 1" tiles. You can also get 7/8" tiles and also rectangle-shaped ones. HTH!!
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