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Default Re: How do you make bows WITH

Originally Posted by ThreeBlessingsBowtique View Post
went to urgent care, have one of the finger splint thingies on.........didnt want to go to the er and get it xrayed and get a cast

Speaking from experience (one broken pinky, two sprained on seperate occassions and a slammed door on my first two fingers - all seperate occasion in a 3 year span!) -- a broken/twisted/smashed finger --- it hurts! they will not cast your hand, just the splint things. baby it for about a day or as close as you can, it will help. The splint will keep it from hurting too. if you have to take the splint off, tape it to the adjacent finger to help with mobility. Ice helps too if you overwork it! Good luck!! Im rootin' for you over here!
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