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Default Re: Removing Fabritac?

The effects of 100% acetone on various ribbon scraps:

These ribbons were set in a dish of acetone, rubbed to see if the color was coming off, rinsed with water, and patted dry with a paper towel.

Ribbon A = Offray solid
B= Offray print
C= Offray woven stripe
D= Wright's print
E= Print from Hobby Lobby - not sure exact brand
F= Schiff print

I've used acetone to remove the print from various things in the past, so I was more concerned for the printed ribbons. As far as I could tell, the acetone had absolutely no impact on the solid ribbon, woven ribbon, or the solid part of any of the printed ribbons so I think it's safe to say that for the most part the threads that are used to weave the ribbons are colorfast.

Printed ribbons B and E weren't affected, while the dots on ribbons D and F started to come off, especially when I rubbed them a little. Leads me to believe that the method used to transfer the ink onto the ribbon may determine how well it sticks and if it can be removed.

One thing I wonder though - while acetone can be used to thin it when it's in liquid form, I wonder if it will help once it has solidified. Kinda like paint thinner to thin liquid paint vs. once the paint is dried, ya know?

Let us know if you find out! I don't even own any fabri-tac so I can't try it for myself.
Have a great day! ~ Tonya
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