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Default Re: Desperately need ideas for show other than bows

I find that I sell less bows at shows than other stuff. The bows I do sell are solids and then korkers as well. I sell A LOT of clippies, and those are super easy to make. I'm just now offering toggle headbands, and haven't had them at a show but I'm hoping they sell at the one I have on the 12th!
I'm thinking instead of just trying to sell the bows, to make a set (i.e. headband, bow, flower, clip) and see how that goes.
This isn't such a good season for bows. Not many people are going to give a bow as a gift. BC Necklaces on the other hand are good for a gift.

Hope she finds something she likes to do! Kufi's are a big seller for me right now since it's finally starting to get cold (every other day).
Maybe she should do some of them...
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