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Default Re: Tell me why you looove your camera!!

I have a Nikon D60 and love mine!!! I got mine at I always get something new for my camera around fathers day which is around my anniversary,but anyways they have great specials around that time. I think I got my for $699. I got a great carrying case 2 lens' and the camera body!! I got my camera bc I was tired of missing what my kids were doing. They were just to fast. Now with this camera I can keep up with them. The shutter speed is great. I have bought a flash and a extra lens that is a all in one lens as I call it. 18mm-200mm, now I love this lens. My other two lens equal what this one lens does so I dont have to change the lens out everytime. I hope this helps you. =)

ps- I have heard from other people that a cannon rebel is great too.
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