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Default Re: Instruction: Take perfect picture using home made light box

Originally Posted by RachL View Post
I've been making a ton of light boxes! LOL. I think mine are too small though - I love how big yours is Michelle! As another tip - I kept crinkleling my tissue paper, so now I use 'vellum' from my scrapbooking stash - although since its small, I could only use it on a small light box.

For what it's worth - I bought 2 'clamp lights' at Home Depot for like $6 each. I thought I could clamp it on the backs of my dinning room chairs, but it doesn't work. LOL. So instead, my husband has to hold them!!! I also got the 100w bulb, and they get WAY hot, WAY quick. So I'd love to try that new daylight bulb!

How about clamp the lamps on a really thick book like a dictionary? will that work?
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