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Default Re: Question about ruffle jeans..HELP!

I learned this way from an old ebay boutique group that was pretty active about 8 years ago. It looks professional and you can see the wrong side of your fabric by doing it this way. You can even cover up your raw edges on the inside with a solid grosgrain ribbon, bias tape, or on the top of the jeans where your stitching is, you can also add a contrast ribbon to your fabric. I used to have a lot of pictures of my work on here but had to delete them cuz I was running out of space. This was before photobucket.
When you see sellers selling skirts, pants, shorts, etc for hundreds of dollars, you start to pay attention with big dreams LOL There was a seller named Sraan who lived in Orange County who made some delish outfits and made a pretty penny too. Of course, she would share just enough but not all of it

Originally Posted by emmaebows View Post
You know I thought of that but did not see anyone doing's such a wonerful idea! No hemming...just maybe a zig zag or hem when you put it on to prevent the fraying. Mine are fraying terribly!! On this particular pair I need to cover up the top to stop the fraying...I think in the future I like the zig zag on top and bottom of the ruffle or the fold over idea.
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