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Default Re: 5" Boutique bow using a thinner ribbon ?

Thank you for the nice compliment!

I like to use Aleene's Original Tacky Glue(I'm sure you can use other fabrics glues though).
Spread a thin strip across one ribbon and then take your finger and smear the glue(to have a nice thin layer of glue....this way the glue will not bleed through)......then put your other ribbon on top. wait about 5 minutes to allow the ribbons to grab onto each other and then fold into your bow.
If you wait until the glue is dry, you will not be able to fold the ribbon(the ribbon will not be flexable enough).

I hope all that made sense.

Originally Posted by momtocadenandavery View Post
So with something like fabri tac? I have only used fabric tac on my hairbow holders but I felt it made the ribbon really stiff, so I was afraid to try on I am sick, and so is DD and she wants me to meet her with these tonight (I just found this out last night) and I only have enough ribbon in this for 1 try so I didn't want to mess it up.

Thanks! I have to say I LOVE all your bows. I so want one for DD when she gets a little more hair, I have to put all hers on headbands still but I love all your things!
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