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Default Re: Holy lord, I'm a moron

OK...I keep my cutting mat on the table all the time now (there goes the dining room!) On the edge where I do all my cutting, I've got a 4 x 6 piece of glass from a frame and I've actually got it double-sided taped down so it won't move. I measure what length of ribbon I want and kind of keep my thumb where it needs to be cut. (With grosgrain I don't think it's too hard because of the lines on it.) I slide the end of the ribbon that has already been cut off the right side of the glass (that's just the side I work from) until the edge that needs to be cut is just on the edge of the glass. Then I take my woodburner and just run it down the edge of the glass, cutting and sealing the ribbon at the same time. It never burns and the cut is always even. Did I do a better job of explaining it? If not tomorrow I'll take some pics and try to upload them so you all can see what I mean.


P.S. Allison...I bought some organza fabric this weekend at Joann's with a 40% off coupon so I ended up paying something like $3.99 a yard. Is that good? Then of course because I loved you singed flowers so much I got seed beads, too. Never even touched the things, so this will be interesting!

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