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Default Re: Holy lord, I'm a moron

Ladies - I love my woodburner. I go back to thinking when I was cutting and sealing both ends and can't believe I did it that way. Here's what I do. I bought a smaller glass cutting board at Walmart and did the same as regards to the measurements on the underside and what I did is, I went to the thrift store and bought a shorter glass vase and I place my burner in there during use and then for storage too (sort of like the mug idea but my sides are a litte bit taller). One last hint that you ladies might like. Sometimes you do get the goo built up, ladies if you're just starting, trust me, you'll get better and you won't get as much goo on there but I use a painter's sanding block and I use that to clean the tip and sometimes I get a residue on my glass so I use the finer side and rub the glass to get it off too. I bet you can use a buffer like for nails too but I would one that has a coarse side and a fine side for your glass. Hope this helps someone. I bought and took back and then forced myself to try it again and thank god I did!
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