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Default Re: Holy lord, I'm a moron

Originally Posted by Amanda357 View Post
This is what I do...On my bow desk I have a large piece of glass (I lucked out the people that lived here before me left it here!) and on the backside of it I have drawn measurements, increments of .5", with permanent marker...This is what I use for cutting & measuring.
I don't know how to add pictures in here but here's the steps:
Picture 1: Lay your corker ribbon out straight on your cutting board (glass)
Picture 2: Determine the length of your corkers, I'm cutting this to 2.5"
Picture 3: Uncork the ribbon and spread between your thumb & finger
Picture 4: Cut your ribbon using the woodburner, I don't use a ruler because I find it easy to get it straight
Picture 5: Finished Corker piece cut to 2.5"

Thanks for looking
This is exactly how I did it, I don't think you need to use a metal ruler, mine turned out perfectly straight and I didn't use one.

And I am totally cracking up that someone thought I was coming out of the closet as a mormon. LOL, hilarious.
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